SportsEye Suite

Product suite for startup ActiveXchange, bringing data & insights to the sport & fitness sector.

Stella Blake-Kelly
July 15, 2022


ActiveXchange was founded in 2018 with the ambition of shaping a more informed, connected, and active sports & fitness sector. They believed that by making data more accessible to decision makers, investment and marketing decisions could be tailored to their customers and local communities, improving financial and wellbeing outcomes.


While ActiveXchange understood the potential benefit data could bring to decision making and the sector’s problem of inaccessible data silos, they were less sure of the design required for their data-driven products to have maximum impact.


Cartisan worked alongside ActiveXchange’s team of analysts to provide agile product development support, allowing them to rapidly test ideas in the hands of customers.

The SportsEye platform was developed by Cartisan to support an iterative design process, minimising the costs associated with innovation. This ensured they could find product-market fit and obtain further investment before scaling and automating their products and services. After domestic success, the platform was further developed to support growth into international markets.

ActiveXchange is now in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Canada and the US.

Product's Awards

2019 National Sport Convention Awards
Best Technological Solution
Overall All Categories

2020 Parks and Leisure Australia National Winner
Best Technology

2020 AusIndustry Accelerator Program + Grant

2020 Australia and New Zealand Sports Technology Awards
Sports & Analytics Data

2021 Parks and Leisure Australia National Finalist
Best Use of Technology (NSW)
Best Use of Technology (WA)


React, AWS, Auth0, Mapbox, QGIS, PostgreSQL, AGOL, HERE


“Industries and organisations are often data rich but insight poor, so when it comes to unlocking the power of data through geospatial processes and products, Stella and Cartisan were instrumental to our journey, helping us develop an application that generates and connects key intelligence from over 4 million community sport and leisure members and hundreds of client organisations across Australia and New Zealand.

Cartisan helped shaped an early version end to end solution that went on to receive Federal Government backing and fantastic feedback from across a wide range of clients. If you’re looking for smart, professional people with fresh ideas when it comes to the potential of geospatial data and technology, look no further!” - Alex Burrows, Founder

Director / Digital Cartographer