Regional Touring Network

Product design and development for Music NSW.

Stella Blake-Kelly
July 15, 2022


Music NSW is the state music body for NSW, with a mission to empower and connect artists and industry.


Without an existing directory of music venues it can be challenging for artists to plan and book regional tours, and for venues to promote their facilities. Music NSW had a great idea to help with both problems: the Regional Touring Network.


Cartisan helped make Music NSW's idea a reality by designing and developing the RTN website, a user-friendly planning tool for artists and promoters to explore their venue database. The site allows users to view venues, filter for specific criteria, build tour routes, and easily share potential locations.


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“In my experience, getting a website built might start with everyone all wide-eyed and possibility-drunk, but it always ends in brutal compromise, hurt feelings, and a colour palette literally nobody liked. Working with Cartisan has changed this perspective (and I don’t think it’s exaggeration to say: my life) forever.

Working with them on the RTN was an absolute dream. Stella, Elle, Ken and Peita are just breath-takingly competent, and we didn’t have to compromise on our vision at all. The result was more elegant and functional than we could’ve hoped for, and they were so transparent with us about what was possible, what it would cost and what they were doing at every step… In a nutshell, we couldn’t recommend them highly enough.” - Bart Denaro, Head of Content