Policy NZ

Data workflows and insights to support Policy website development and promotion.

Stella Blake-Kelly
July 15, 2022


Policy aims to strengthen and protect democracy by collating information that supports voter participation and making it accessible through their innovative online products.

NZ Local Elections 2019

While developing Policy Local, the team needed a simple way of connecting users to the Local Government areas they were eligible to vote in.

The were two problems: 1. There was no single datasource of electoral boundary coverage, which varied throughout the country and was managed by different governmental organisations. And 2., existing api services were too costly for the volume of users their platform attracts.

Cartisan helped by creating a data workflow connecting addresses to the relevant electoral areas for integration with their website and api services. This enabled users to easily obtain relevant information in seconds at little cost.

NZ General Election 2020

The 2020 General Election Policy team needed detailed electorate profiles to provide users with an understanding of the areas they were eligible to vote in. However the information available was raw data, and needed to be communicated in a language the general public could easily understand.

Data-driven descriptive summaries of electoral history, demographics and recent boundary changes were programatically generated by Cartisan, saving the Policy team days of manual work.

Cartisan also assisted processing the user data into insights and interactive maps to complement articles published by The Spinoff.


PostgreSQL, QGIS, Datawrapper

Director / Digital Cartographer