Friendship Island

Finding your Friendship Island amongst a sea of COVID restrictions.

Stella Blake-Kelly
July 15, 2022


The good people of NSW and Victoria.


After months of social isolation, the NSW and Victorian Governments announced rules for vaccinated people to finally see their loved ones under certain conditions. However the location-specific criteria made it difficult to figure out where and with whom people could picnic and adhere to the rules.


Friendship Island was created to help the public navigate the surprisingly complicated rules. The product was created in collaboration with Ken Tsang and Vanessa Brewster. In its short life span, the website had over 70k users and over 950k address searches.

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“This aesthetically pleasing website is immensely straightforward, and easy to use.” - Concrete Playground

“The map is bordered by pretty, colourful graphics … And it’s a cinch to use.” - Broadsheet

Director / Digital Cartographer